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MEA Certificate Attestation
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What is MEA Certificate Attestation | MEA Attestation Delhi

Guidance About MEA Certificate Attestation

Guidance About MEA Certificate Attestation

Attestation and Apostille’s work officially started in India on 1st March 2012. Want to know how this type of attestation takes place? Are you searching for the best MEA document authentication company in India that can provide you with quick and affordable mea certificate attestation services in Delhi or nearby locations in India? How do outsourcing organizations play a crucial role in attestation services?

If you have these types of queries and want a proper solution, this blog will act like a one-step solution and provide you with all the valuable information that will help you upgrade yourself. To know everything related to mea certificate attestation and the best MEA services in Delhi, India, read this blog carefully.

Why Should Choose Company for MEA Certificate Attestation?

MEA, also known as Ministry of External Affairs attestation, is one of the most important stamps. To receive these stamps, candidates must submit all of their documentation to outsourcing agencies in the state where they registered the certificates. From there, you can issue those certificates. Candidates cannot do this process alone. Due to this reason, candidates have to choose a company for MEA certificate attestation. 

Which is the Best MEA Attestation Company in Delhi?

SUBLIME ATTESTATION is one of the best MEA certificate attestation company in Delhi which provides MEA attestation services all over India. They have served for years in the following major cities in India : 

  • Delhi
  • Maharashtra – Mumbai – Pune
  • Karnataka – Bangalore – Jayanagar
  • Kolkata 
  • Pune
  • Kochi
  • Hyderabad
  • Trivandrum

Sooner it will be operating from more locations to cater to the MEA authentication requirements of more clients. 

This type of certificate attestation is required if any person wants to visit abroad for any purposes like studying, traveling, or doing a job. To receive this documentation, candidates need to follow proper documentation authentication.

Any candidate is planning to travel abroad and wants document authentication to get their visa done. They need to hire an organization like Sublime, then visit, fill in all the details and provide us with your document, and Sublime will take responsibility to provide you with a Visa. You can see abroad without facing any problems.

What are the Different Categories of Certificate Attestation?

There are mainly 3 primary categories of certificates attestation, those are as follows:

  • Educational certificate attestation
  • Personal certificate attestation
  • Commercial certificate attestation

Sublime Attestation has become India’s trustworthy mea attestation company that provides quick and secure services in this field of document legalization.

To visit abroad, candidates need to follow a few procedures to stay overseas for any purpose. Candidates need to submit all original documentation for authentication to the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). 

  • MEA certificate authentication services can only be completed after candidates attested their documents from regional/ local authorities or SDM, Delhi.
  • Candidates must require this type of documentation; it gives them a green signal, and they can go abroad or anywhere. Any authorized Indian organization like us can quickly do this certification process.

What are the Steps for Doing Document Certification?

Two critical steps need to be fulfilled. Those steps are as follows:

  • Step 1: Verification of Documents!

Non-educational documents submission

Candidates need to provide a few essential documents like a Voter ID Card, Birth Certificate, if married, then provide marriage certification, Driving Licence, etc. These are the few documents that need to be attested first by the State Home Department.

This document certification can be done with the candidates’ original name and designation.

Educational documentation submission

Candidates need to provide their educational documents, and it also needs to be attested by the state’s own Educational Department. This authentication will also need to be certified with the candidate’s name and designation.

Commercial documentation Submission

Whatever documents that candidates provide to MEA must be pre-authenticated with the help of chambers of commerce before those certificates are attested by MEA (New Delhi). The stamp must be present on each document, in fact, in the name of the candidate and its designation part also.

This is the first step of MEA attestation services.

  • Step 2: Attestation Documents by MEA!

Candidates need to know that MEA can only legalize or attest a document once it has been authenticated by a signature or a stamp by the home State authority.  MEA can only legalize the paper once the state department signs it. In simple words, MEA will never take any responsibility for the content of any documents.

How Much MEA Attestation Fees in Delhi?

As we all know, the MEA doesn’t ever charge a hefty fee for this documentation process. Moreover, the price of charges is fixed, and it also varies on what types of MEA certificate authentication services in Delhi or other areas of India candidates are looking for. 

For proper documentation, candidates need to submit a few documents in front of the MEA as follows:

  • Every original document needs to be submitted, and it must be attested.
  • Candidates also need to submit one clear photocopy of that document.
  • Passports also need to be presented with one photocopy of them.

These are the few important things that candidates need to follow while submitting their documents in front of the MEA.

What are the Countries that Accept MEA Certificate Attestation?

The Countries that do not become the part of signatories of the (Hague Convention 1961) mainly accept Indian documents that have been certified through the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, as valid documents that can be further processed by their respective consulates/Embassies/Consulates to serve various reasons. After that, these documents can be used in the country of origin.

Is the MEA Attestation Process Complicated for Regular Candidates?

No, this process is not at all complicated. Might you think this is the most complicated process, right? Our organization assures our clients not to worry because we have a team of experts and their job is to do these types of steps and complete all the work our clients need. To know more about it contact Sublime.

Top 5 FAQ for MEA Certificate Attestation

1. Who Can Apply for MEA Certificate Attestation?

Everyone can easily apply for this MEA Certification. Before you get this certification you need to follow a few guidelines that have been provided by the Ministry of External Affairs. Now know who can apply for this authentication process as follows:

  • Any certificate holder is allowed to apply for this certification process.
  • Any parents can apply for this process. After getting this certification they can go anywhere to meet their children.
  • Same case for siblings.
  • Spouse and 
  • Father-in-law or mother-in-law.

So, now everyone has understood that everyone can receive the MEA Certificate Attestation. For this process, you need to hire a professional organization like us to complete all the processes.

2. What is the Document that is Required for MEA Attestation?

  • The original passport must be presented at the point of authentication/ If the applicant is in another country during the time of their attestation copy of the picture page and address pages and page proving the validity of the passport along with valid visas should be provided.
  • Recent passport size photograph (2 nos)
  • Photocopy and address page. that shows the validity of the passport.
  • Original and photocopy of 10th SSLC certificate are required.
  • Original and duplicate of Semester year-wise marks list (Including the improvement and supplement) of all the certificates.
  • Original and copy of all certificates. It will be attested

3. What do You Know about the Term Attestation Letter?

An attestation document is an official document that demonstrates the authenticity of the assertions made by another party. The person who signs and writes the attestation document is certifying that they have firsthand knowledge in relation to the claims or assertions made within the document.

4. How Many Days Will it Take for Certificate Attestation in UAE?

In general, taking into consideration all aspects, such as the process of verification as well as how urgent the need and the urgency of the requirement, which affects the process of authentication for certificates, it will take between fifteen to twenty days. If you use the Sublime service, you could finish the process within a minimum of working days.

5. What is Document Legalization and Why is it Required?

It is a type of process of certification followed by the respective authority that needs to be followed by the one country of origin. It also helps other countries’ legal systems to recognize your documents.

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