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Relationship counselor

Falling in love again after marriage | Relationship counselor

Every relationship will eventually reach a point where the ferocious energy of “the beginning” fades and things start to feel a little boring. It’s much less depressing when you realize that your brain and body just cannot maintain the adrenaline-fueled butterfly feeling for an endless period of time. However, losing the spark doesn’t mean you’re bound to fail to hardship; you can find love once more. relationship counselor . weedsdmagazine

Many of us lament the loss of something within us as love begins to fade, before we even consider the possibility of losing the person we’re with or the relationship we’re in. Losing a previously illuminated aspect of ourselves as we fall out of love and it is one of the most painful processes to go through. We are involved in the mystery surrounding the loss as well as the loss of something precious. 

Relationship Counselor

The time right after we become aware of a change in our sentiments is frequently clouded with uncertainty. Top relationship counselor of India, believes that when we find ourselves losing interest in love, it is worthwhile to investigate the issues and reasons.

Three aspects should be taken into account in order to comprehend our own experience of losing love:

  • Why am I losing interest in love?
  • What are the symptoms that I’ve lost my love?
  • Is it feasible or useful to get in touch with my emotions and fall in love again?

Why am I losing interest in love?

Where all those sensations go after we fall out of love with someone is one of the most difficult questions we face in life. There are various reasons why relationships deteriorate, but it may be most beneficial to take into account our personal issues with love and intimacy. Although none of us intend to fall out of love, many of us are ignorant of the barriers and adjustments we’ve built, which may now prevent us from being as close and connected to our spouse as we once were. For example, it becomes quite difficult to love a person when we feel neglected, betrayal, contempt and ignored. 

Our protection mechanisms and behavioral patterns are influenced by our particular upbringings and early attachment styles. They may also foster romantic worries and anxieties.

Signs and symptoms that a couple is falling out of love

  1. Blaming the person
  2. Their imperfections start to stand out
  3. Resistant to partners criticism
  4. You develop a wandering eye: Started looking at someone else
  5. You have fallen in love with someone 
  6. Moving away or making fun of your partner
  7. Are you being a brick wall in your relationships with your partner? 
  8. Is your overall tone and body language aloof or reserved?
  9. There is a lack of communication
  10. You stop thinking of being together
  11. You don’t want be intimate any more
  12. There is significant change in priorities of both of you 
  13. You feel trapped in relationship
  14. You have lost respect for each other
  15. You don’t worry about them as much 
  16. You are not longer proud of them
  17. You are constantly comparing to others happiness with your miseries
  18. Your relationship is not up-leveling
  19. You stay with someone for their own wellbeing or for sake of children
  20. You no longer argue
  21. They don’t feel special to you
  22. You have more negative than positive thoughts
  23. You feel pathetic and annoyed
  24. Bad Mouthing about your partner with others
  25. They are being weird and secretive 
  26. Nothing Feel balanced or in harmony
  27. You or partner don’t go all out for Birthday celebrations
  28. You or partner forget your drinks or special food items
  29. You or your partner is always running late
  30. You or your partner can’t look away from social media
  31. You feel like room mate.

There are many questions asked by a person about his/ her life. They are:

  • Are other aspects of my life being badly impacted by my relationship?
  • Do I frequently feel angry and disoriented?
  • Am I hindered from acting in a healthy manner because of my relationship?
  • Do I no longer frequently feel like myself?
  • Is my relationship with my spouse making me uneasy or desperate?
  • Do I believe I have a flaw that I am desperately trying to fix?
  • Have my friendships been harmed or damaged by my relationship?
  • Has it changed the way I parent, making me less attentive to their needs or too dependent on them to meet my own?
  • Do I consistently feel ashamed of myself?

Falling back with your partner 

Relationships typically get boring because the couple avoids dealing with the problems in their relationship. It simply means that falling in love or falling in love again is intentional. What you must do to fall in love once more is as follows:

Journaling and Keep Track

Dr Suri, Best Marriage Counsellor and  relationship counselor suggest journaling regularly and tracking emotions or feeling. Revisit these entries and notes overtime about your love, problems, expectations and concerns and check with friends, and relatives for any shift in behavior, emotions and thinking. Keep counting on good behavior of the partner you have counted in the past.  

Make an effort to improve your partner’s situation:

Plan some things which are unexpected like preparing a lunch for your partner which he loves. When you do this, it will remind your brain that your partner is an important person in your life. 

Spend some time away from each other:

It may seem illogical, but occasionally you need some distance to rekindle the spark when things start to go a little stale. Giving yourself the time and space to be your own person is what I mean by this instead of taking a month to fly across the country.

Consider what they require:

There are occasions when feeling distant from your mate is caused less by a lack of passion and more by the existence of animosity. That stems from your perception of yourself as the victim and of them as the offender. Therefore, take a time to consider what they are going through and what their unique needs might be (both now and in the future), advises Gillian. Are they famished? Exhausted? Do they require our embrace?

Spend more time with them right now:

Even if you live with your boyfriend (or spouse, or girlfriend/wife), it’s likely that other things, including emails, kids, TV, phone calls, etc., take up most of the time you spend with them. But turning off the outside world to fully be with your spouse can help you experience the feels again since it serves as a reminder that you two are a team above all else.

Having some silly time together:

Speaking of strangeness, it’s crucial for people to be able to shoot the breeze with one another and simply unwind while having a grand old time. Actually, studies suggest that relationships are happier and longer-lasting in couples who can laugh together.

Plan a surprise date night each time:

Sometimes all it needs to get you two back on track is to plan a date night without the kids or your friends. Porter advises taking turns organizing the evenings and keeping the specifics a secret to make it more entertaining.

Describe the changes your relationship has brought to your life:

You’ll cherish the time you’ve spent together and become even more enthused about all the wonderful things that are yet to come if you constantly remind yourself of all the benefits your partner has brought to your life.

Seek Help from best Online Marriage  relationship counselor 

There is no shame in asking for professional help by certified Best Psychologist . This could mean being mentored by an expert couple counsellor who is skilled and trained and has helped many through the ringer and help survive their marriage, thus, it could mean going to couples counseling process.

It’s important to practice self-love and self-care during this time as well,” , Top Psychologist & Relationship Counselor

Whatever it is, it’s a great idea to seek relationship counselling whether you’re falling out of love or not. Why wait until things are terrible and a havoc?  Investing in a romantic relationship before things get really bad is a beautiful demonstration of love, and peace of mind.

 Relationship counselor ,Lastly, know you are not alone or only. Falling out of love isn’t fun, however again, it’s a natural process. How you navigate it will determine how hard it impacts you.

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